Church Conference 2010

Galena United Methodist Church Charge Conference–October 10, 2010

Those attending:

Bunk & Dianna G.,Charlie K., Dennis & Cindy A., Sheryll V., Rayma F., Billie D., Rick & Cathryn E., Lois D., Nellie H., Shirley E., Pastor Stacy & Dorothy E., D.S. Rev. Janet M.

Rev. Maxwell opened the meeting. The congregation joined in a short worship service. Rev. Maxwell shared that the “Jesus Jar” for the year was for scholarships for Camp Chippewa, for Institute for Lay speakers taking their first classes and other adult trainings.

Rev. Maxwell read to us from Mark 12:28-33. She thanks us for our support and shared a hand out which detailed the Mission statements of UMC, the Conference, and the District. She urged us to name our mission. She also shared her dream of having no one “hungry” in the Parsons District- whether hungry in the physical sense or hungry in the spiritual sense.

She urged us to increase our outreach to the “hungry.”  She encouraged us to not only “talk-the-talk” but to “walk-the-walk.”

After a chorus of “Alleluia” we were invited to share our missions/ministries including:

Friday nights at the deli

Billie’s gift to us all of UMC stickers for car windows

World Communion Sunday

Bishop’s Round-Up for Hunger

Wisdom Seekers send money to our college students

Campus Ministry of feeding students 1 time per semester

Festival in the Park to show what all our Church has to offer

Bake Sales at the Farmer’s Market

The service of Communion was shared.

Lois moved to approve the minutes from last year. The motion was seconded by Cathryn Ezell. The motion carried.

The state of officers was approved as those who had served last year. Cathryn moved to accept the state- the motion carried.

Rev. Maxwell shared that Stacy had met all requirements for lay speaker (local pastor). Cindy spoke for the PPR committee to accept the compensation for Stacy. Cathryn read the particulars. Sheryll seconded the motion. Motion carried.

A membership report will be compiled. It needs to be sent to the district office by the end of the year.

Stacy gave his Pastors report detailing membership, missions and concerns (building repairs and accessibility).

Rev. Maxwell has given Stacy the list of reports that need to be filed by the end of the year.

Meeting was adjourned with prayer by Stacy.

Dianna G.–Recording Secretary

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