Church Conference: October 2012

Church Charge Conference, October 7, 2012

District Superintendent Rev. Kibum Kim-presiding

Those in attendance:

Pastor Stacy & Dorothy Ellsworth

Bunk & Dianna G.

Nellie H.

Larry & Shirley E.

Rick & Cathryn E.

Lois D.

Sheryll V.

Dennis & Cindy A.

Charlie K.

Billie D.

Madge S.

Meeting opened with prayer by Rev. Kim

  • Video message from Bishop Scott Jones
    • Great Plains Conference begins January 1, 2014
  • August 22-24, 2013 Uniting Conference
    • Better Appointment matches for Churches and Clergy
    • Sharing of good ministry ideas with other Churches
    • Pooling resources to support congregations
  • Conference Kansas East, Kansas West and Nebraska
  • Rev. Kim’s Devotion
    • Why do you believe God put us here?
    • What is our purpose?
    • Why is our Church here?
    • What’s the meaning of being a United Methodist Christian?
    • What makes us different?
      • These questions were posed by Rev. Kim-he assured us that only we could answer.
    • Matthew 22:21-29
      • “Lord, Lord . . .”
      • Rev Kim explained that it would be his nightmare to stand before Jesus and have Him say “I know you not!”
    • When it comes to faith, we need to talk the talk and walk the walk. Too many people talk about the Gospel, hear the Gospel, but to do.
    • This is our mission
      • Love the Lord your God . . .
      • Love your neighbor . . .
      • Go ye into all the world . . .
    • Worship God
    • Practice mercy to our neighbors
    • Make disciples of those
    • Story:
      • Mary Scranton a missionary and her son who was an MD and also a missionary went to Korea in the late 1800’s. She started a church especially for girls in Korea. It was supported by United Methodist Women groups. It is today Women’s University.
      • “Connection” – support by United States Methodists has ultimately led to the formation of large educational institutes in Korea.
    • Video – “Imagine No Malaria”
      • Villages in Africa with no mosquito nets, no prevention, no medication
      • One of the foundations who contributes is Bill and Melina Gates.
    • Our mission starts here in our church and stretches out to the community, the region, the state, the country and the world!
      • We reach out – it is what we are called to do as Methodists.
  • Minutes from 2011 Charge Conference were approved
  • Highlights from last year
    • Vacation Bible School- 25 children
    • Mitten tree at Christmas
    • Bishop’s Round-Up for Hunger
    • Hosted two Mission Teams
    • Raised Money for Joplin
  • Nominating Committee report approved
    • All slots filled with exception of Lay Person to Annual Conferernce (Rev. Kim urged us to find a person to fill this commitment- it will become extremely important with the combing of the conferences.
  • Motion made by Nellie Hoskins, seconded by Cathryn E. to approve Sheryll V.’s Lay Speaker Report. Approved.
  • Pastor Support/Compensation- Approved
  • Apportionments (we are about 2/3 the way to have paid 100%)
    • Part of our apportionments go to fund General Conference
    • Some go to fund Missionaries
  • Membership report- No change
  • Pastor’s Report
    • Average attendance is up 24 to 27
    • Average giving $30.56 per person per week
    • We need a long-term goal/plan
    • How can we grow?
    • What are we going to do to bring God to our community?
    • Challenge- how will we survive in the long run?
  • Rev. Kim
    • Great church, great building, wonderful musicians, good preacher (and better spouse!) We need to do a better job selling ourselves and our church.

“Jesus Jar” collection was taken up for scholarship funds.

  • Meeting closed with prayer by Rev. Kim

Dianna Green

Recording Secretary

October 7, 2012

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