Church Council Meeting: October 15, 2012

Church Council Meeting: October 15, 2012

Those in attendance:
Bunk & Diana G.
Dorothy E.
Lois D.
Pastor Stacy

Meeting opened with prayer by Bunk.

Minutes of the last meeting approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report:
•    No report given

Building Fund:
•    Balance on hand as of October 14, 2012 is $23,649.06

Memorial Fund:
•    Balance on hand as of October 15, 2012 is $1315.55

Lois reported that we had received a donation from Clarissa M. (Billie’s friend) it was undesignated. It will be deposited into the Building Fund.

No Committee Reports:

Unfinished Business:
•    Hot dogs for Halloween
o    Cathryn & Shirley are leading the event
o    Stacy has a banner announcing Harvest Fest
o    Stacy has 150 wieners
o    Idea of individual popcorn with stickers was brought up
o    Need Buns and fixin’s
•    VBS sampler stuff out on Cokesbury’s website-idea: we will add a VBS discussion to the Card Making Party.
•    Stacy plans to have computer/TV issue resolved by the end of this month

New Business:
•    Dorothy has been asked to be a member of the District’s Committee on Superintendencey (what an honor!)
•    Stacy was approached with the possibility of a community Thanksgiving dinner at the community room. (Church will do this)
•    Stacy will be going to a seminar in Olathe at Nazarene University College. We will reimburse him for the cost of seminar, mileage, and any other incidentals.
•    Stacy suggests watching “Taking Chance on Veteran’s day at 4 p.m. with popcorn and snacks.
•    Check with Nellie about the possibility of canceling the standing curriculum order with Cokesbury. Subscription can be reinstated at any time.

Pastor’s Report:
•    Included in meeting

Meeting was adjourned with prayer by Bunk.


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