Thoughts Along the Way: November 2012

Have you ever wondered what it would take for our church or for one of us to make a real difference in somebody’s life? Just what would we have to do, how much would we have to pray or just what would we have to sacrifice to know that we might be making a difference for God?

The answer to these questions were answered last Wednesday night as we gathered to hand out hot dogs and other items as part of our harvest celebration. One of the persons that stopped by asked if they might be able to take more than one hot dog so that they could give them to the people at home because they did not have food. When we offered to give them a package of dogs and buns they sheepishly declined. However, after we sacked up the dogs and buns they seemed to be relieved and accepted them. As they left, they offered us many thanks and told us that “this is what all churches should be like” and that to them this was a real miracle.

If we take them at their word, then God was able to turn about two dollars and change into a miracle! To a person that is hungry or without food some cheap weenies and a pack of buns really can make a big difference for a little while.

What if we never tried to have our harvest outreach? What if the people who came out that night would have just stayed home? I think that we should take a moment and give thanks to all those who supported this outreach and especially to those who were able to volunteer their time to make it possible. Without these people and without this outreach that person would have just walked past our darkened walls and went home hungry and empty handed.

We gave out about 130 hot dogs that night along with microwave popcorn, suckers, cookies, chips and soda pop. This month we have an opportunity to do even more as we try to offer a free community Thanksgiving Dinner on Thanksgiving Day. I hope that you will help make this Thanksgiving outreach a success! I pray that as Thanksgiving Day comes to a close this year that I will feel as richly blessed as I was to be a small part of the harvest celebration. Blessed, because I got to see God working miracles through our church and reassured by knowing that God is not through with us yet!

Please join with us in sharing God’s abundance and love this holiday season!

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