Church Council Meeting: December 17, 2012

Church Council Meeting: December 17, 2012

Those in attendance:

Bunk & Diana G., Dennis A., Dorothy E., Lois D., Sheryll V., Pastor Stacy

Meeting opened with prayer by Bunk.

Minutes of the previous meeting approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report:  November Beg. Balance $3,235.44–Received $3,103.00–Disbursement $4,933.70–New Balance $1,404.65

Building Fund: Balance on hand is $24,091.02

Memorial Fund: Balance on hand is $1,315.55

Committee Reports:

  • Trustees: None to report
  • Finance: Apportionments- we are at 80% (all special askings have been paid)
  • PPR:  Working on reports- almost completed-working on getting a meeting together (tentatively on December 31st)

Unfinished Business:

  • Insurance has gone up to $435 per month
  • VBS- order supplies by March 1 (25% off) Permission give to Stacy to order kit by December 31st
  •  Ramp-discussion:
  1. We are loosing attendees because of inaccessibility
  2. Do we do a temporary fix for now?
  3. Ideas: pillars with rock and engraved concrete
  4. Contact Firm of Extra Effort Home Repair (Billie have us this info)
  5. Sheryll will check with Steve an Matt about Masonry Contractors

New Business:

  • Dorothy presented bill for ink cartridges for printer $101.33 (she was reimbursed)

Pastor’s Report:

  • Jan 15-17: 2013 Clergy Session in Kearney, Nebraska. We will support Stacy in this endeavor (all expenses)

Meeting was adjourned with prayer by Bunk.



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