Church Council Meeting: January 21, 2013

Church Council Meeting: January 21, 2013

Those in attendance:

Bunk & Diana G., Dennis A., Dorothy E., Lois D., Cathryn Ezell, Pastor Stacy

Meeting opened with prayer by Bunk.

Minutes of the previous meeting approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Beg. Balance $1,404.65
  • Received $4,803.00
  • Disbursement $3,104.66
  • New Balance $3,102.99

Building Fund: Balance on hand is $24,162.04

Memorial Fund: Balance on hand is $1,315.91

Committee Reports:

  • Trustees: Lois has asked Rick E. about the specs-Lois has name and number to call for a possible bid on ramp. Stacy has copy- Ramp on agenda next meetings
  • PPR: All paperwork submitted updated DSA worksheet to be signed and sent- Cathryn will get them signed.
  • Finance: Dennis has worksheet that must be sent by January 31, 2013. —Envelopes are available for quests or those that would like to use them. Dorothy will make them visible.—A fund report will also be due

Unfinished Business:

  • Stacy’s travel expenses for the Nebraska 2013 Clergy Session $308.00—Thank you letter and donation to Pittsburg First United Methodist Church for ministry of choice, for allowing
  • Stacy to ride with them. Dianna will write thank you note. Motion was made and carried for this action.
  • VBS meeting to be decided upon-will set date for meeting based upon a consensus following Church on Sunday.

New Business:

  • Dennis needs report from minutes so he can reorder checks

Pastor’s Report:

  • Continuing Education- Stacy needs to update his Bible Study Package. Motion made and carried for him to order the “Gold” upgrade software $852.32
  • Stacy then gave a report on the recent Pastor’s session he had attended in Nebraska. Very positive with exception of the keynote speaker.
  • Still looking for volunteer to head up “No More Malaria” committee

Meeting was adjourned with prayer by Bunk.

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