Thoughts Along the Way: March 2013

Sometimes I struggle with writing these monthly messages for the newsletter and website. At other times they seem to write themselves as there is a specific need or concern that seems to drive the message. This is one of the months where I am struggling.

Sure I could write about how the snow is still on the ground but Spring is just around the corner. Or I could share a paragraph or two about how Spring and Easter are times of renewal and new beginnings. Then I could throw in a clip art picture of a butterfly or some Spring flowers to help fill the space and make it good. But as I think about that I am haunted by the idea that it has all been said before and repetition flies directly into the face of the concepts of renewal and new beginnings.

So, now just what am I going to write about this month so Dorothy can finish our newsletter and move on to the UMW newsletter that she is also working on as well? Cabin fever versus Spring break? Death and the cold darkness of Winter versus the hope of resurrection and the warmth and light of Spring? None of it feels quite right this time. Right now I just feel stuck.

Then it occurred to me. Aren’t we always “stuck” in some way or another just before some breakthrough or change in our lives seems to happen? Don’t our lives go through these ups and downs or starts and stops much like the seasons of the year? Ultimately, the seasons of our lives are not always as predictable as the four seasons of the calendar year. From time to time the unpredictable nature of it all can feel like both a blessing or a curse as we live through our daily lives.

So, maybe being stuck with a loss of words this month might be a good thing after all. Maybe it means that inspiration or something new and exciting might be the theme next month. The possibilities are almost as limitless as the struggles that we are facing both as individuals and as a church family. Maybe I will focus upon new and exciting developments in our ministry to children that goes beyond VBS. Maybe it will be news of how we have decided to improve the access for our church building. Or our involvement in the global mission of “Imagine No Malaria” or possibly even a new local mission. It might even feature our re-involvement with serving meals at campus ministry. Just what does the future hold for our church? I invite you to think about it. And with the help of the Holy Spirit and prayer I invite you to have hope-filled dreams about what renewal and new beginnings can really look like for the ministries of our church and our personal lives as Christians.

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