Church Council Meeting: April 15, 2013

Church Council Meeting: April 15, 2013


Those in attendance:

Bunk & Diana G., Dorothy E., Lois D., Cathryn E., Steve & Sheryll V., Pastor Stacy

Meeting opened with prayer by Bunk.

Minutes of the previous meeting approved as read.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer was unable to attend, but sent the following report for the month of March:

  • Beginning balance- $6,251.98
  • Total receipts- $4,213.00
  • Total disbursements- $5,053.09
  • Ending Cash on Hand- $5,411.89

Building Fund: Balance on hand as of April 12, 2013 is $24,502.96

Memorial Fund: Balance on hand as of April 15, 2013 is $1,315.91

Committee Reports:

  • Trustees: None to report
  • Finance: None to report
  • PPR: New Pastor Dorcia Johnson will join us in July. Sheryll will write a letter of thank you to Rev. Kim-also she will write a short article for the newsletter

Unfinished Business:

  • Letter written to Pittsburg United Methodist Church
  • We now are sponsors of a T-ball team
  • Access- Lift vs. Ramp
  • Some favor lift
  • Some favor ramp
  • Committee to look at feasibility
  • Ramp: space, skateboarders, ice, deicing unit, liability
  • Lift: commercial grade, enclosure
  • Steve knows foundation builders, concrete man, brick layer. Seems to think about $8,500- $9,000 not counting de-icing instrument. Steve volunteers to oversee the building of the ramp
  • Made 5ft wide and added handrail is additional cost-around $12,000
  • Make 5f wide to accommodate caskets (funerals) 1” drop per foot
  • Water meter box and hydrant—Cathryn has talked with Don F. and it depends on placement of the ram
  • Meter Lid
  • Motion was made to proceed with ramp and motion carried. Will start approximately April 29th and take approximately 60 days.
  • We will pay employees directly and pay for materials as they come in.

New Business:

  • Wisdom Seekers new study books–Dianna will order and be reimbursed
  • Mother’s Day-Graduation- Stacy and Dorothy will leave. Cathryn will head committee for these upcoming events.

Pastor’s Report:

  • Dorothy will preach on next to last week in June

Meeting was adjourned with prayer by Bunk.



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